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but it really is so important to find people who don’t lose patience with you or get angry if you’re being irrational or insecure or downright ridiculous, it is so so necessary to be treated with gentleness from loved ones and not to be made to feel like you’re irritating or a burden


I really love my job at the bookstore because one of the managers is this amazing old Southern deacon who just fills everywhere he goes up with love and joy and he just doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

He’s also so damn hilarious. I know I’ve posted about him on here before. My BF (and coworker for the first part of every semester!) loves him. He’s just the sweetest thing. And he always teaches BF how to speak “country” lol. On top of all that he’s also a musician/jazzcat and honorary purveyor of Doobie Thursday in the stockroom!!

Anyway, last semester, another couple at the store got engaged but I think the dear ole Deacon forgot which one it was so he was just calling us all fiances. It was very funny. Dude is sharp as a whip but sometimes, he’s too fast for even himself


sometimes you just really need a good sandwich! this is:

quinoa bread, avocado, cilantro, lime juice, black pepper, heirloom tomato, red onion & arugula

Lettuce + tomato + onion + optional avocadius = sandwich supreme

Back from work. Texting with some peeps.

I am trying to get back in touch with some old friends because I feel like a tree with no roots and it’s starting to get a little sad.

I’ve been doing fun things too though. The camping trip last week was lovely. And I’ve been crocheting a ton. I’m even venturing into the land of embroidery. I’ve also been sketching doodling and I’m sort of planning a short lil horror story I want to write (just to put up on NoSleep!)

I’d say I’m tryna keep my head above water but I don’t like that image as much so Imma say that I’m trying to keep my feet in the soil

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Also I’m really hungry and bf offered me his spaghetti lunch… except by offered I mean tried to force me to eat it, got mad when I said “no it’s yrs,” and then threatened to throw it out if I don’t eat it and now I don’t wanna eat anything. I just want to go home.


raspberry vegan cake by vegandare on Flickr.

Fifteen minutes into a new semester at work and I’ve already mortally humiliated myself.



autumn blog all year round that follows back☾☯✿

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I’m in this weird stage where I don’t really like myself, but I don’t really care anymore

I haven’t accepted myself but I don’t give a shit anymore. Don’t like me? Fuck off.

I’m that stage too.

couldn’t have worded it better myself.

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We’re making a version of this today

And savory vegan vegetable pancakes loaded with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peppers, scallions, and I suddenly want squash included in there as well…


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These are based on the beautiful botanical tattoos of Kirsten Holliday (kirstenmakestattoos).



Finished finally. This will be up for grabs later this week when I do some photos. However if you’d like to claim it now, I’ll list it with this photo c:


The opening to “Wlasnie Leci Kabarecik!”

I can’t believe this is finally on youtube. Nareszcie!! :3